Who we are
GIST, an NGO, was created to encourage India's policy and opinion makers to overcome their almost exclusive dependence on the archaic and limited economic compass of "GDP Growth" to measure and manage India's progress. GIST's vision is to create conditions for India to transit into sustainable development.

What we do
GIST promotes sustainable development by encouraging governments to make use of a holistic alternative - environmentally adjusted GDP. GIST has published a series of 8 monographs , under its Green Accounting for Indian States Project (GAISP), which adjust for externalities such as the un-marketed services of forests (carbon storage, bio-diversity values, ecological services, etc), the hidden costs of agriculture, losses in freshwater quality and depletion of sub-soil assets. Human capital externalities have also been evaluated and adjusted. Accounting and adjusting for externalities will make sustainable and efficient use of a country's resources. GIST has made an important submission for TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) on Tropical Carbon Forest for GLOBE (Global Legislators for a Balanced Environment) and for consensus building at UNFCCC (COP15) in Copenhagen, December, 2009. GIST also believes in creating awareness and building capacity for sustainable development by holding workshops and internship programmes.
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